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Ontario Base Mapping, Wingham, Ontario

for the Ministry of Natural Resources. Thirteen sheets of 1:2000 stereo compiled mapping and computerized property maps were prepared.

Creation of a pilot GIS Wingham, Ontario.
Horizontal control for the Region of Waterloo. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s up to 2000 horizontal control stations have been installed in the Region. Our firm has been active throughout that period in the installation and maintenance of many of these control stations.
Note: We have been involved jointly with many engineering firms in the exchange of digital data for subdivisions and major sewer and storm water management projects. In that regard we provided the cadastral fabric for three kilometres of sewer line along the route of an abandoned railway.

A mini G.I.S. system was set up for this purpose whereby we supplied the digital files for the legal surveys which had to match the engineer’s topographical surveys. Final designs were prepared from these files, and eventually we did the legal survey for the pipe location.